How To Plan A Picnic with Something for Everyone

The corporate picnic Sydney event is also a great option if you are wanting to invite families to get your co workers bonding on an even more personal level – we can add on face painters, balloon twisters and make sure everyone will have a blast! Summer is here and picnics will be the craze during this period. Picnics are a lot of fun and you can be sure that both children and adults will enjoy them. Before going on a picnic, it is important that you plan for it. This will help you avoid unforeseen circumstances and the picnic will be enjoyable. 
Since you will be holding the picnic in an open area, it is very important that you remember tents, tables and chairs.

The tents will come in handy especially if the sun is very hot. You do not want your kids complaining about the strong rays of sunlight while they should be enjoying the picnic. The chairs and tables are portable and you will not have any problems when moving the chairs.

Bounce Houses
Kids love bounce houses and they can spend the whole day jumping up and down. The bounce houses come in different sizes and you can choose the bounce castle depending on the number of kids who will be at the picnic. The main advantage of bounce houses is that many children can play at the same time. Since they do not have to take turns playing with the equipment, confrontation will rarely occur.

There is no better way to spice up the picnic than by the use of slides. Parents and guardians can help kids as they climb the slides and slide down them. Minimal supervision is needed in this case but it would not hurt to check your kids as they play. The picnic will be more lively and even the adults can surround the slides and cheer the children on. This will bring everybody together regardless of whether they are children or adults.

Bounce & Slide Combos
We have over 30 combo units available. They come in various designs and themes, some that the little girls would love and others for the boys. There are still others that are suitable for a mixed group of kids.

Water Inflatables
We have The Big Kahuna Slide, the Lil’ Splash Water Slide, and the Surf N Slide. These units will definitely keep your guests cooled off in the summer heat.

Interactive Games
Interactive games are great for those kids who really love their games. At party rentals they have a mini all stars inflatable basketball game that will have the kids lining up to take their shot. This will make the picnic more interesting and the kids can compete against one another. With all the options available, your picnic will be very successful and a wonderful memory. Call us today to reserve the party rentals of your choice!

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