Finding Luxurious Event Venues In Your Area

Whether you’re hosting a corporate functions Melbourne, a birthday bash or a cocktail party, The George creates just the right atmosphere to make it a memorable occasion. Finding luxurious event venues in your area can seem like a daunting task, but every city has gems to uncover if you’re willing to dig. Most people think first of high-end hotels for their events, but if you don’t have a 5-star budget, persistence and creativity can still allow you to get exactly what you’re looking for. So open a new browser window, pick up your phone, and let the search begin!

Be sure to start looking well ahead of your event, as many venues often fill up months in advance. Start your search online as if you are throwing a wedding, even if you’re not. Chances are, anywhere that does weddings is open to other opulent events. You can use your search engine to look for keyword strings like “wedding venues in” or “event venues in” and then enter the name of your city.

When you are looking for the right event venues in your price range, keep in mind that many venues are looking for you, too. They charge the price they do for their space and services because people have been willing to pay it. But, let them know if something is out of your price range and make a counteroffer for them to consider. An example might be, “I cannot afford top shelf liquor at my event. Can we reduce that cost and simply offer a red wine and a white?” They may say no, but if you couldn’t afford it to begin with, you created a new opportunity and can rest assured you did everything you could to get the venue.

Many people are afraid that the answer to their extravagant visions will be no, but the only sure way you’ll get the no is if you tell it to yourself before even asking! If your venue simply cannot allow what you have in mind, let them tell you that instead of assuming it. You may be surprised by how open some directors can be to pushing the envelope, especially at smaller, more intimate venues.

Private residences present excellent opportunities to work closely with the owner or coordinator to do creative, out-of-the-box features that present needless risk in the eyes of larger venues. You may also be able to save a lot of money by carefully crafting your perfect idea of opulence instead of buying a pre-established aesthetic.

During your search for luxurious event venues in your area, don’t forget that places people go for general recreation might well offer the possibility for organized events as well. Science centers, zoos, museums, theaters, and historic areas can be made luxurious if they’re not already, so keep an open mind.

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