The Best Magnetic Window Cleaners : 2018 Reviews & Guide

Are you looking for an easy way to clean your windows? Many window cleaners on the market today don’t clean windows as well as they should. It can sometimes be difficult for them to clean certain areas on them. For this reason, you should consider using a magnetic window cleaner. Anyone that has fumbled around with an extension cord on a car polisher during any detail job large or small knows the inconvenience of constantly having to plug back into the extension cord—what a waste of time!

What is a Magnetic Window Cleaner?

This type of window cleaner works to help you better clean your windows. This type of window cleaner is filled with strong magnets which help to keep the window cleaner from falling or breaking while you’re cleaning with it. It will use the magnets built into it to lock itself through the glass on the window.

Because it attaches both of its sides on the separate window panes, both will work to clean the different window sides as you move it. This means that as you clean the inside part of your window, the outside part will start to clean as well. This will help to ensure that you can clean windows safely and easily.

A quick look at TOP 5 Magnetic Window Cleaners

Alfawise Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot
LvDD Double-sided Window Cleaner Glass Wiper Magnetic Cleaning Tools
Cop Rose X4 Window Cleaning Robot
Hot Cop Rose magnetic inside outdoor high tall window cleaning robot X6 cleaner tools
The Glider D-3, Magnetic Window Cleaner

How Does it Work?

As you can see from the section above, it is very simple to use. You just need to take the two sides of the product and attach one to the outside of the window and one on the inside. The two magnets will then attract each other and will allow you to start cleaning your window. As you work to clean the inside of the window, the outside magnet will follow the same path and clean the outer window pane.

Depending on the type of window cleaner you buy, the cleaning paths will work differently. If you decide to buy a robotic one, these usually come with preset routes which often move in zigzags. Other window cleaner models might need you to move them horizontally or in other directions so they can properly clean your windows.

However, be sure before attaching the magnets together that you put some cleaning solution on both of the cleaners’ sponges so it will work to wash the window.

Features to Look For in a Model

There are a few features you should look for in one of these window cleaner types. One feature to look for is the size of the model. You don’t want to invest in a window cleaner that might be too big (or even too small) for your windows. This could lead to them not being able to fully clean your windows properly.

Another feature to look for is the magnet strength. As these window cleaners rely on magnets to work, you want to make sure they are strong. A weak magnet could end up making it difficult for you to clean and could even cause the window cleaner to fall off the window.

You also want to look at the window cleaner’s absorption ability. As you apply cleaning solution to the window cleaner, you want to make sure it will absorb that solution off of the windows. If not, it could end up leaving a residue on them.

Another feature to look at is how versatile it is. While this isn’t crucial, it’s still a nice feature to have. If one of these window cleaners is versatile it will not only work to clean windows, but also other surfaces like floors.

The other feature to look especially for in one of these window cleaner models is a safety rope. A safety rope will help to ensure that if for some reason the magnets don’t hold together, the rope will keep the window cleaner from falling. This is a good safety feature to have in one of these products.

The Benefits of Using One

There are many benefits that these models have. One is that they make cleaning easier. You don’t have to worry about having to clean one side of the window and then going outside to clean the other. With one of these window cleaners, you can do it all at once.

Also, because it uses a magnetic system, you can use it with windows that are located on upper floors safely. Many times cleaning windows that are on a higher floor level can be a difficult task. However, this window cleaner will let you easily and safely clean them without you having to worry about injuries occurring. These are great to use in situations like this as they can clean windows that are often in hard to reach areas.

These also work with many different window types, like single and double pane windows. For instance, if you have many double pane windows you need to clean, you should look for a magnetic window cleaner for double panes. Overall, these window cleaners have the great benefit of being able to be used with almost any type of window.

Are These Window Cleaners Safe to Use?

While these window cleaners are easy to use, you do have to be careful with them. You want to make sure to not lean too far out the window to attach them. This can end up causing major safety issues if the window is located on a high floor level. You want to put your hand out the window just enough to attach the outside window cleaning piece. After you do that, you should move your hand and arm back inside. So while these aren’t dangerous to use, you do need to be careful when applying them to the outside window and taking them off.