Using the Internet & New Age Digital Marketing

Like everything evolves with time, the Internet has become an almost living entity. Powerful, intuitive, and ever growing, the world has found a virtual zone called cyberspace. Of course, businesses were not too far behind! Ecommerce became a new and very lucrative forte of economics where digital power is supreme! Digital marketing careers began emerging and now are among the top professional pursuits in the world. And the best part of the story? Digital marketing strategy must change every now and then for the game to continue – it’s a self feeding system! The internet made our life easy especially those tv storyboard artists who are working tirelessly everyday.

So when your company wants to capture a large global market, what are the avenues, and what are the rules? Though the face of the system changes regularly, these current digital marketing trends will give you an idea of how to strategize the best campaigns for your brand:

Facebook Rules Supreme: This happened in the last quarter of 2010, when Facebook beat Google to become the most visited website ever! It was a phenomenal success that marketers didn’t fail to note as an opportunity to capitalize upon! With more than 600 million people available on one casual social platform, companies and brands had a vast field to exploit, for a paltry sum!

QR Codes: Ok, like the real life invaded cyberspace by making virtual shops, showrooms, and mailboxes; QR codes brought digital data into real life! You’ll note them as the small boxes with squares now common on many products from cosmetics to cushions. Snap a click of the QR code on your smart phone, and instantly you have access to all the blogs, websites, articles and photos linked to the brand manufacturing the product!

Info-Arts: This was one of the most powerful psycho-social tools conceptualized for a good digital marketing strategy. People generally like colors and pictures over somber content, even when all the writing is contextually relevant. So info-art (also called info graphics) arrived with a bang! Think of it, you would prefer to read your favorite novel in the form a comic book wouldn’t you? Info art exploited this socio-psychological idea and brought a great interactive interest into marketing.

Subtlety: Would you ever click a link that directly promotes a company or brand? You’ll admit you’re less likely to even bother going to links that directly promote and loudly advertise. People tend to take such bold promotions as extra effort to cover flaws in the quality. Thus, subtlety like keyword links and contextual back linking in the promotion policy works wonders.

More Flash: Flash was one of the things that brought color to drab web pages before Java and newer HTML upgrades arrived. Till date, Flash has a better impact on the target audience than any other software solution. Among digital marketing careers today, Flash experts are highly in demand! Use their services if you want to make your promotions acceptably ‘flashy’! Go here to check the sample works we have done.

These are just a few of the latest developments and trends of Internet marketing and online promotion. Over some time, these are bound to give way for other advancements. For the present market however, you can depend on these basic digital marketing methods to promote your brand better.