Top Venue Uplighting Ideas to Transform Your Event Venue

Collins Street Business Centre is an ideal venue for event venue hire Melbourne, workshops or training. When you plan your wedding or other such important events, it becomes most important for you to check your venue decoration. Venue decoration adds a unique aura to your event. Lighting is an important part of your venue decoration. Lights in different patterns and designs are added to your venue to give it a totally different look.

In a wedding, venue uplighting is good to set scene and tone for the special day. Besides this, mandap hire also plays a crucial role in a wedding. Uplighting has so much strength that it can turn the dullest wedding venues into visually stunning spaces. Here are our best uplighting ideas to transform your wedding venue and other upcoming events.

Letter Lightings

Letters can say a lot. Nowadays, lighting up letters expressing various forms and feelings of love is a popular idea. Venue Decoration Industry is using unique trends and bringing more styles and colors to give more choice for letter lighting. These letters are also perfect to give a perfection of the already decorated venue by giving final touches. You can use them as a great backdrop for photos. It is unique to fill up empty spaces of walls, stage or venue with unique letters symbolizing love.


Uplighting is also called Mood lighting. In this method of venue uplighting decoration lighting is styled to give different mood transformations for the audience. These mood lighting fixtures are now battery powered. They are also wireless and use LEDs which make them cool and well arranged. With the help of LEDs, lights don’t get hot and they are the safest mode of decoration for all places of venue.

You should always check for the best wedding planners before purchasing mood lighting. Only the most creative decorators can use their imagination to give perfection to your venue. Giving unique touch to pillars and wooden beams are perfect to light up your venue. There are several ways to lit up your venues like arranging symmetrically to rooms, highlighting key features of room or pillar and beams. Using different colors for matching the wedding theme is a great idea for the day.

Fairy Lighting

Fairy lights are dangled to give different effects to wedding venues. It is also like mood lighting in which LEDs are used. Earlier uses of bulbs in fairy lighting were quite risky but, use of LEDs have made it unique to hang anywhere in the safest modes. Also, battery power makes it easy to light up for long hours. There are huge options for hanging fairy lights. You can choose classy, vintage, chic, or elegant lights to fit in different wedding themes. Adding up some festoon lights and lanterns is also a unique idea. This fairy lighting is made unique by using moving heads for some wedding DJs during evening entertainments. These moving spotlights change color and pattern and they can be programmed manually.