Learn More about World Class Artists and Their Techniques

A storyboard artist film creates storyboards for professional films and television programs. Would you like to have a peak into the studios of world famous three dimensional artists such as mold making artists, casting artists, life casting artists, ceramicists, stone carvers and special effects technicians? Do you wonder as to what these celebrated artists actually think about when creating their striking masterpieces? Are you dying to know where their incredible creativity stems from? Would you like them to reveal some details about the unique techniques and particular artist materials that they use to bring their vision to life?

Well, ArtMolds Journal is here to make all your artistic dreams come true! Available as both a print and digital publication, this bi-monthly magazine takes you right into the studios of top stone carvers, ceramic artists, mold makers, sculptors and life casting artists – whose works you have always admired. Through detailed interviews with the celebrated artists, you come to know all about how they bring their magnificent works to fruition. The artists unhesitatingly talk about their exceptional ideas and how they played with the tried and tested techniques that ultimately resulted in some unique works of art.

There are brilliant pictures of their awe inspiring works as well. What’s more, the online version of the magazine even includes video snippets throughout its pages – some have interesting tidbits about the artist materials and techniques right from the artist’s mouth!

Take for instance, ArtMolds Journal’s premier launch edition in May 2013. It highlighted the startling works of life casting artist Jason de Cairn Taylor and his famous underwater life castings. Readers got a bird’s eye view of not just his spectacular works but also the efforts and thoughts that went into creating each marvel. The following issue in July took readers right into the studio of contemporary sculptor, Jamie Salmon well known in the art circles for his jaw-dropping photo-realistic sculpture. The interview sheds light on the artist technique and materials in constructing some stunning hyper-realistic art.

The secret behind Kazuhiro Tsuji’s ultra-realistic and emotional sculptures was revealed in the October issue of ArtMolds Journal. The latest January 2014 issue does not let down readers either. It features the amazing work of monumental sculptor, Andrew Scott and reveals the little known details about what went into making the one hundred foot tall, twin horse heads that are known as the Kelpies. It sheds light on the Herculean task of using metal rods and wires to bring the gigantic sculptors to form. Inquisitive readers will also realize that this celebrated Scottish artist has cleverly used some well placed open spaces in the sculpture which utilize the intricate play of light to add more depth and realism to the twin horse heads that will be the highlight of a canal restoration in Glasgow, Scotland.

So, go grab the magazine and you will find answers to all the art questions that you have and so much more!