Ideas of Adding Fun And Colors to Kid’s Birthday Party

Now the big day is even more FUN at Main Event with our all new VIP birthday function rooms Melbourne. Birthdays and other functions are the reason for rejoice, fun and entertainment, especially for children. The day when a mother gives birth to a child becomes memorable and special. That day is a blessing for the kids and their parents. To make the day memorable and rewarding for your children, parties are often arranged. If you cannot plan it yourself, then take help of the party planner who arranges color to the kids’ birthday party in Melbourne. Here are some party favor ideas that help to enjoy your children and the guests who are invited to the function:

Ballpark Bags

You can also throw a softball or baseball themed party. Try to swing up the event with a customized bag filled temporary tattoos, crackerjack, sunflower seeds, bubble gum and baseball card packs that is available in grocery store. For your little sluggers and the friends, these bags are the best gift. You need to make it colorful by tying them with ribbon. Create the label of the name that hits. Some planners arrange multiple children’s parties in Melbourne; they often give these tips to arrange functions like this. You can also plan themed goodies pre-packaged party.


Some fewer people do not love bubbles. There are different theme parties; among them the bubble-theme party is exciting and interesting. It is fun for every people. You can decorate bottles with cellophane and ribbons. You may also customize colorful name labels. Small toddlers will love to enjoy with such colorful gadgets and the bubbles.

S’mores kits

Instead of planning arrangement of wrapping plates of cupcakes and Tupperware, you can arrange a classic summer treat. Pack S’mores kit that is packed with a chocolate bar, graham crackers, skewer, and marshmallows. Try to please your guests because if you are able to please them then their blessings can make the life of your child happy and blissful.

Art Packs

It is an easy and cool way to help kids who love art. Pack notepads, color pencils, and crayons with stickers and drawing masterpieces. If you give this gift to your child, it can bring a smile to the face of your child. They express that how happy they are feeling with the art and paintings.

You can also arrange indoor and outdoor games for the birthday bass. Goodie bags can sometimes bring a smile in the face of people rather than puzzles, toys, etc. Today’s, generation believes in theme parties like a rock star, Superman, fairies and Barbie theme party. So you can sometimes arrange these theme parties with the help of planners of kids’ birthday party in Melbourne.

People in Melbourne like to live a happy and joyful lifestyle with party culture attitude. They lead sophisticated living. Therefore, you can follow all these steps of event arrangement in your home for your toddler.