How To Find A Good Electrician

Whether for new construction or for taking care of some long overdue electrical repairs, finding the right electrician for the job can make all the difference in work quality and meeting deadlines. Because faulty wiring could easily lead to a disaster, homeowners should not wait long before taking care of an electrical problem in the house. With some basic search strategies, homeowners can quickly find a dependable professional electrician. Our electrician Melbourne CBD service is fast, friendly, and affordable.

What Constitutes A Professional Electrician?

Electricians must hold a state license in electrical work. Beyond simple state licensure, there are a few other designations that help ensure an electrician is qualified to keep electrical circuits safe from shorts and other worries. Homeowners beginning a search for an electrician should keep in mind the following designations for electricians:

Master Electrician: This electrician has passed a standardized test and has practiced their trade for at least two years in their state. Additionally, this electrician knows the National Electrical Code and the degree to which his or her state remains in compliance with that code. A master electrician can design, install and maintain electrical projects for homeowners or business owners.

Journeyman Electrician: While licensed by the state, a journeyman electrician has not yet passed the standardized test to become a master electrician. Depending on the state, a journeyman might only be allowed to work under the tutelage of a master electrician. A journeyman electrician can work on installing wiring and equipment but can’t design electrical systems.

Local electricians must also acquire a permit from the local building department and have their work reviewed by an inspector, so homeowners can enjoy one more layer of protection built into the system when looking for an electrician.

What Is the Electrician’s Specialization?

Homeowners should also make sure that their search for an electrician focuses on their needs such as whether their home is a new construction house, an older building with more intricate wiring or even a hybrid of old and new wiring. Looking for an electrician with the right experience can help make the project go smoothly when it finally gets started.

Word of Mouth Approach

Sometimes, finding a good electrician is as simple as talking to family members and friends about who does electrical work in their homes. Asking sources about their electrician’s license, permits and specialties can easily streamline the process to get an electrician on the job sooner.

Consulting Other Local Building Professionals

Homeowners who frequently need repairs or who have made a recent home improvement with the help of a trusted general contractor should ask about their contractors’ recommendations for local electricians. General contractors often need to call on their list of reliable electricians, so they should be able to provide a few names of electricians who are ideal for a homeowner’s needs. Homeowners can also check in with their local home builders’ association and electrical supplies stores for recommendations.

Online Professional Listings

There are several online websites where homeowners can search to find contact information for local electricians. They will also find customer reviews and recommendations. This is an efficient and effective approach to finding an electrician as long as homeowners proceed to make all the same verifications they would otherwise.

Check References & Make the Move

Whether found through a friend, contractor or a directory website, homeowners should be sure to confirm whether their electrician carries liability insurance to protect everyone involved. Once a homeowner has checked the electrician’s references and verified all the critical licensure and insurance, it’s a good time to build a new relationship with the electrician of choice.


Like any other home remodeling project, make sure you talk to your friends and family, check their credentials and then take a leap of faith in hiring your next electrician. Learn more on hiring your next 24 hrs electrician.