Host An Alcohol Free Christmas Party- Keep Your Friends Out Of Alcohol Detox

12/16/2016 (press release: summitbehavioralhealth) // New Jersey // Maria Ulmer MA, LMFT, CAADC | Chief Clinical Officer

Christmas is quickly approaching, which means plenty of parties, get-togethers, and mandatory work celebrations. Although you can’t always control whether alcohol will make an appearance at events hosted by others, you can host an alcohol-free celebration that is plenty of fun. Here are several ways to ensure your event is a success and you keep your friends out of alcohol detox. christmas party ideas are always slightly uncomfortable, particularly when the celebration is held in a gloomy venue.

Be Selective about Your Guest List

When you make your guest list, do so with supportive people in mind. The last thing you need to worry about is dealing with someone who complains about the lack of alcohol or, even worse, shows up with their own.

Consider Putting “No Alcohol” on your Invites

Whether you invite people over via email, or you create your own formal invitations, it’s not a bad idea to include the words “no alcohol” or “alcohol-free” on your invitation. This lets guests know in advance that no alcohol will be served, which can deter them from raising the issue at the party or bringing a guest along who will comment on the lack of alcohol at the gathering. You want the focus of your party to be on enjoying a good time with friends and loved ones—not the absence of alcohol.

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Offer Fun Alternatives to Alcoholic Drinks

You can serve mocktails, although some people in recovery prefer to avoid any beverages reminiscent of alcohol. If you would rather stay away from such drinks, you can offer a fun alternative, such as a hot cocoa buffet or a sundae bar. Other options include a make-your-own nachos stand, candy buffet, or a competition to see who can bring the most creative dessert.

Ask Guests to Bring a Gift for Charity

One way to spread seasonal cheer is to theme your party as a charity event. For example, you could ask your guests to each bring an item of clothing to donate to a local shelter. You could also do a diaper drive for community organizations that help babies and children. Call around to local civic organizations to see what they need. Many shelters and community outreach organizations need coats and blankets during the winter months.

What Are Your Recovery Tips for Navigating the Holidays?

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