Healthy Lunches to Bring to Work

Pack-and-go (and save!)
Trying to save your pennies? A sandwich and a drink will cost you almost $10—and that’s on the cheap side. Instead, pocket the money and enjoy our healthy and delicious updates to your lunch favorites. These recipes are good for you and your wallet. Fresh and delicious working lunches are a good start to treat your employees.

(Looking for kid-friendlier lunch ideas? Try these!)

Turkey-Boursin wrap
This French-inspired wrap packs plenty of flavor but is a leaner and meaner version of your deli favorite.
• Cabbage and plum tomatoes are antioxidant-rich
• Carrots provide a full day’s worth of cancer-reducing vitamin A
• Boursin brings a creamy texture and dash of garlic and parsley
• Turkey adds lean, filling protein and a savory taste
A side or fresh raspberries or blueberries will polish off this nutrient-rich meal.

Salmon salad with dill vinaigrette
The perfect combination of protein, good fats, and phytonutrients, in a tangy and earthy dressing.
• Get omega-3 fatty acids through salmon—they not only prevent heart disease but also boost memory
• Cucumbers contain silica, which helps your complexion
• Antioxidant-rich red bell peppers are also high in fiber and folic acid

Barley and black bean salad
Does your stomach grumble every day at 4 p.m. on the dot? The combination of whole grains and protein in this salad will keep your energy up throughout the afternoon.
• Spice up choleterol-lowering barley with a delicious combination of lemon juice, Monterey Jack cheese, and cilantro
• Black beans are chock-full of protein and antioxidants
• Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is believed to fight cancer
• Add a dash of red pepper flakes to give it a zesty kick—and possibly boost your metabolism

Mediterranean shrimp and pasta
Give your pasta a health makeover with this simple make-before recipe.
• Shrimp provides lean, low-fat protein
• Tomatoes give you a boost of antioxidants
• Accent with capers, olives, and feta cheese to get a Mediterranean flavor for under 500 calories
• Get a healthy dose of immunity-boosting garlic (just be sure to pop a mint before your afternoon meeting)

Red pepper, goat cheese, and fresh mint wraps
Throw this wrap together in 10 minutes, right before you jet out the door.
• Goat cheese is lower in fat that other popular cheeses, and it creates a rich and somewhat tangy base for the smoky roasted red peppers
• Red peppers are high in beta carotene, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
• Increase the fiber by switching out the spinach tortillas for whole wheat
Pair it with a tart Granny Smith apple and you have a delicious, nutritious lunch.

Hoisin-mango chicken sandwich
On the way home from work, stop by the deli and grab some roasted chicken to make this tropical-flavored sandwich.
• Mango adds a dose of iron, plus a sweet and juicy taste
• Red onion may reduce blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol
• Hoisin sauce kicks up the heat without packing on unwanted calories
This sandwich is a little light on veggies, so pack a mixed-greens salad to sneak in a few leafy greens.

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