5 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

If you are trying to plan a birthday party for a child with a winter birthday, you may be struggling. The good news is that while it seems easier to plan a birthday outdoors at the park, swimming pool, or even the backyard, there are still plenty of fun and creative options for those kids born during the winter months. Winter itself can lend a fun theme to a birthday party. So before you give up, and just go the local party venue, here are some unique, and creative, wedding reception venues Melbourne.

Snow party- This party works best for 6-8 year olds. Whether you actually have snow or not, the snow itself makes a great theme.

For the invitations you will need-

White construction paper (for each snowman’s body)
Various other bits of paper, ribbon, or yarn to decorate each one

Instructions for the project-Make a snowman body for each party guests. Use the bits of paper, ribbon and yarn to decorate one side and then write the party information on the other.

Decorations for this party are extremely easy. Don’t worry about matching all the snow (real snow is quite unique). Keep your eyes open for snow themed plates, cups, napkins and table coverings around Christmas time (even in warmer climates). You can also decorate the party area, by hanging up traditional snow flakes from the ceiling.

For the goody bags, you can add anything snow themed, but a fun touch would be a decorated snowflake sugar cookie. You can have the cookies baked before and laying out on a table. Each child receives a plastic knife, and container of frosting and some sprinkles. Let each child decorate their own cookie and then carefully place them in a zip-top bag to be taken home.

Tubing party- It can be difficult to please a picky pre-teen, even on their birthday. This birthday party is easy to put together, affordable, and teens will love the activity-centered theme. This party works best for the 11-13 year old age group.

For the invitations-

Tubing graphics

Instructions for the project-There is no need to spend a lot of time putting together crafty invitations for this age group. Have your birthday boy or girl help you print a computer message inviting their friends to a tubing party. Be sure to include specific instructions on when you will leave, return and the suggested mode of dress.

For traveling to the tubing site-If you have to travel more then about 20 minutes, you may want to consider having a snack on hand. Depending on the time of day, consider having a water bottle, energy bar, or candy bar for each party guest.

While tubing be sure to get a picture of each of the party guests, coming down the hill. You can print out the pictures later, place in a frame (you can find winter themed ones affordably at your local dollar store), and give them out as party favors. Be sure to include some group shots as well.

When returning home-In lieu of birthday cake, be sure to have plenty of hot chocolate and yummy donuts for your party guests to refuel on.

Princess Winter Wonderland party- There is no reason not to combine two themes into one party. Little girls will love the idea of being the princess, of the winter wonderland. This party works best for girls in the 5-8 year old, age group.

For the invitations you will need-

Plastic winter snowflakes
Stamp of a princess
Blue ink pad
Glitter sparkles
Confetti snowflakes

Instructions for the project-Write or print out, the party information onto the cardstock. Glue on the plastic snowflake as a decorative accent. Place inside the envelope. On the outside of the envelope, stamp an image of the princess, (using the stamp and ink pad), and before it dries, pour the white glitter sprinkles over it. Before sealing the envelopes, add some confetti snowflakes, so that they will fall when the invitation is opened.

For decorations-Use white and clear plastic snowflakes and cardboard stars, (all of these can be found at dollar stores), hung in a random pattern from the ceiling. You can also place white and light blue streamers, around each of the door openings.

For party favors-You will want to provide a princess tiara, or crown, glitter stick, (you can tie ribbons and bells on the bottom), and princess themed candy, for each party guest.

Gingerbread House Party- Kids of most ages will enjoy assembling these “gingerbread” houses.

For the invitations you will need-

Brown construction paper
Other colors of construction paper
Googly eyes

Trace a gingerbread man shape on to brown paper with one of your cookie cutters, or find a template online. Have the birthday child decorate the man with googly eyes and colored paper pieces, affixing them with glue.

For decorations- Use white streamers all over the house, suggesting white frosting. Fluffs of quilt batting in strategic places could represent snow.

For party favors-cellophane baggies with gingerbread men erasers and real gingerbread men to eat on their way home.

For the party- Decorate “gingerbread” houses using graham crackers, hot glue (with adult supervision!) and frosting. Don’t forget the candy pieces for decoration.

Snow Wars- Make sure guests dress appropriately for this outside party.

For the invitations you will need-

White paper

These super easy invitations are fun to make. Trace a circle on white paper using a glass or bowl, depending on the size you want to fit in an envelope. Cut our your snowball, and have the birthday child write the party details on it.

For decorations-Different decorating requirements for a different kind of party. Make sure the entryway is wide open for everyone to shed boots, hats, coats and scarves and mittens after the snow war. Decorate the yard with white Christmas lights and spray decorations on the snow with food coloring in a water bottle.

For the party-Party guests will divide into teams, build a snow fort and make snowballs. You may provide ice cream scoops or bread pans for these creations. Set a timer, start the war, and join in! After a winner is declared, everyone wins with hot chocolate and cookies fresh out of the oven inside.

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